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Selected Texts

  Greek Jews Holocaust Survivors. Corfu – Homecoming, solo exhibition catalogue, curator: Eugenia Alexaki, Athens 2020 

Eugenia Alexaki, «Τέχνη και μεταβατική δικαιοσύνη. Τόποι συμφιλίωσης στο έργο της Αρτέμιδας Αλκαλάη» (Art and transitional justice. Places of reconciliation in Artemis Alcalay’s work), in Giorgos Kokkinos, Panagiotis Kimourtzis, Markos Karasarinis (eds.), Ιστορία και Δικαιοσύνη (History and Justice), Athens, Asini, 2020, pp. 359-389

Alkistis Georgiou, The last Greek survivors of the Holocaust (English translation), 2014 (*)

  Giota Panagiotou, Artemis Alcalay takes her houses out for a stroll in Athens (English translation), 2014 (**)
  Nikos Vatopoulos, A study on trauma, memory, and loss (English translation), 2014 (***)
  Laura Dodson, The Itinerant Home..., 2012
  Giuliano Serafini, IN RETROGRESSION, 2011
  Elizabeth Plessa, The temporary house of the image, 2010

Press - Presentations


Ta Nea newspaper, «Η δεύτερη ζωή μετά το Άουσβιτς» (The second life after Auschwitz), Dionysia Marinou, 20.10.2020 

Ta Nea newspaper, «Ντοκουμέντα: ’Δεν έχασαν στιγμή από τη δεύτερη ζωή τους’», (Documents: ‘They did not miss an instant of their second life’), Dionysia Marinou, 25-26.1.2020, «Artemis Alcalay und die Trilogie der Beharrlichkeit», Artemis Alcalay and the trilogy of Obsession), Thanassis Tsingas (excerpts from an interview with the artist by Mina Mavrou), 23.9.2019 

Mousikogramma –, «Άρτεμις Αλκαλάη: Η επαφή μου με τους επιζώντες από τα στρατόπεδα άλλαξε ριζικά τις ιεραρχίες μου» (Artemis Alcalay: My contact with survivors from the concentration camps radically changed my priorities), interview by Mina Mavrou, 10.1.2019

Ta ΝΕΑ newspaper, "the ant - Anette Florentin Cabelli", Michalis Mitsos - column, 29.03.2018 [in Greek].



  Jüdische Allgemeine, "Erinnern ohne Worte: Die Künstlerin Artemis Alcalay fotografiert griechische Schoa-Überlebende in ihrem Alltag", 15.02.2018 [PDF]
  EfSyn daily newspaper, "The murderers of memory in Greece", Dimitris Psarras, 31.01.2017 [in Greek] [PDF]
  PERFOLD, "Places of Memory"/ Athens Photo Festival 2016 , 08.06.2016
  El Mundo, "Supervivientes del Holocausto, retratos de un renacimiento", 24.03.2016
  ABC Blogs, "Las caras del Holocausto" της Begoña Castiella, 20.02.2016 [in Spanish].
  Kathimerini newspaper, "Artist shines a light on the survivors of the Holocaust", 30.01.2016 [in Greek].
  Hellenic Foundation for Culture, NEW ERA EAUDESEA, Art Exhibition Dedicated to the Refugee – Athens, 04.03.2016
  ABC Blogs, "Las caras del Holocausto" by Begoña Castiella, 20.02.2016 [in Spanish].
  Radio Sefarad, "Judíos griegos sobrevivientes del Holocausto”, una exposición de Artemis Alcalay, con Nanna Papanicolau, radio interview with Nana Papanicolau for the exhbition "Greek Jews Holocaust survivors: a visual narrative", 21.01.2016 [in Spanish].
  LIFO, "Artemis Alcalay / Trauma, memoory and loss. Sepharadite Holocaust survivors." 11.01.2016 [in Greek]
  Art22, "Artemis Alcalay: An artistic narrative", 10.01.2016 [in Greek], “Deine eigene Geschichte” – ein neuer Blick auf die deutsche Besatzung, artikel von Florian Schmitz, 19.12.2015 [in German]
  KLIK Magazine R, "Your story: memories from World War 2", 09.11.2015 [in Greek]
  Art22 "Stories that marked lives", 08.11.2015 [in Greek]
  La Pasion Griega. «TU PROPIA HISTORIA», ARTE Y MEMORIA HISTÓRICA EN TESALÓNICA ", 06.11.2015 [in Spanish]
  Art22 Artemis Alcalay – Konstantina Koumpouli, the passion of memory, 18.06.2015 [in Greek]
  Perfold, Gallery walk - Artemis Alcalay - Unfolding memories, 17.06.2015
  Art22, Two new books with covers by Artemis Alcalay, 01.03.2015 [in Greek]
LIFO, "The last Greek survivors of the Holocaust ", article by A. Georgiou, 06.08.2014 [in Greek]
English translation

(**), "Artemis Alcalay takes her houses on a walk through Athens", article by G. Panagiotou, 16.07.2014 [in Greek]

Kathimerini newspaper, "A study on trauma, memory, and loss", article by N. Vatopoulos, 29.06.2014 [in Greek]
English translation

  La Pasion Griega . "SUPERVIVIENTES GRIEGOS DEL HOLOCAUSTO", 27.01.2014 [in Spanish]
  Athens Voice, "Hope rises in Brazil. Artemis Alcalay "returns to Ithaca"" article by Artemis Alcalay 06.07.2013 [in Greek]
  Art22, Artemis Alcalay: How the story of Destruction and Silence is built, interview by Yiannis Tzimourtas 05.03.2013 [in Greek], ""ArtAlk" Conversation with Eozen Agopian" [in Greek] 2012-2013 "Home: A wandering" 23.10.2012 [in Greek]
  . La Pasion Griega . "Home: A wandering" 26.10.2012 [in Spanish]
  People & Ideas blog, article by Mina Karagianni for the exhibition WAIT - (W)omen (A)rtists and (I)nformation (T)echnology, 09/2012
  . La Pasion Griega .: Artes 2012 [in Spanish]
  artAZGreek Artists' Database
  SoBookOnline, Une expo grecque sur le livre et le numérique, 2011
  Huniford - 1stdibs website, 2011
  Book cover design, 2011 [presented on La Pasion Griega website in Spanish]
  . La Pasion Griega .: Artes 2010 [in Spanish]
  Athens Living Videos, a video interview about Alcalay's exhibition 'Home: an installation' 2010, video.
  Athens Voice, Issue 17/05/2010, PDF, 370 Kb
  Poeticanet, Issue 11 (December 2009), cover image
  Design NOW 2008 [in Greek]
  Photolab "3+omiloun", 2006
Article by Anna Enepekidi in "Tetradia Mouseiologias", Issue 3, 2006, Metaixmio publications
maison+decoration, 2005 [in Greek]


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