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Selected Texts

  Alkistis Georgiou, The last Greek survivors of the Holocaust (English translation), 2014 (*)
  Giota Panagiotou, Artemis Alcalay takes her houses out for a stroll in Athens (English translation), 2014 (**)
  Nikos Vatopoulos, A study on trauma, memory, and loss (English translation), 2014 (***)
  Laura Dodson, The Itinerant Home..., 2012
  Giuliano Serafini, IN RETROGRESSION, 2011
  Elizabeth Plessa, The temporary house of the image, 2010

Press - Presentations

  Art22 "ΑRTEMIS ALKALAY 2020 – Now the house acquires a new dimension", 02.04.2020 [in Greek].



  Ta ΝΕΑ newspaper, "They didn't skip a moment of their second life", Dionysia Marinou, 25-26.01.2020 [in Greek]. - deutsch–griechische Begegnungen, "Artemis Alcalay und die Trilogie der Beharrlichkeit", Thanassis Tsingas, 23.09.2019 [in German].
  O Anagnostis (The Reader), "Images from an exhibition" Mariza Decastro, 30.01.2019 [in Greek].
  Maistros -, "Artemis Alcalay - Emmones.", Katerina Schismenou, 30.01.2019 [in Greek].
  Kathimerini daily newspaper, "The forms of decay like eternal altars", Nikos Vatopoulos, 16.01.2019 [in Greek]., Artemis Alcalay: "My contact with holocaust survivors radically altered my priorities", Interviewed by Mina Mavrou, 10.01.2019 [in Greek].
  Ta ΝΕΑ newspaper, "the ant - Anette Florentin Cabelli", Michalis Mitsos - column, 29.03.2018 [in Greek].
  Jüdische Allgemeine, "Erinnern ohne Worte: Die Künstlerin Artemis Alcalay fotografiert griechische Schoa-Überlebende in ihrem Alltag", 15.02.2018 [PDF]
  EfSyn daily newspaper, "The murderers of memory in Greece", Dimitris Psarras, 31.01.2017 [in Greek] [PDF]
  PERFOLD, "Places of Memory"/ Athens Photo Festival 2016 , 08.06.2016
  El Mundo, "Supervivientes del Holocausto, retratos de un renacimiento", 24.03.2016
  ABC Blogs, "Las caras del Holocausto" της Begoña Castiella, 20.02.2016 [in Spanish].
  Kathimerini newspaper, "Artist shines a light on the survivors of the Holocaust", 30.01.2016 [in Greek].
  Hellenic Foundation for Culture, NEW ERA EAUDESEA, Art Exhibition Dedicated to the Refugee – Athens, 04.03.2016
  ABC Blogs, "Las caras del Holocausto" by Begoña Castiella, 20.02.2016 [in Spanish].
  Radio Sefarad, "Judíos griegos sobrevivientes del Holocausto”, una exposición de Artemis Alcalay, con Nanna Papanicolau, radio interview with Nana Papanicolau for the exhbition "Greek Jews Holocaust survivors: a visual narrative", 21.01.2016 [in Spanish].
  LIFO, "Artemis Alcalay / Trauma, memoory and loss. Sepharadite Holocaust survivors." 11.01.2016 [in Greek]
  Art22, "Artemis Alcalay: An artistic narrative", 10.01.2016 [in Greek], “Deine eigene Geschichte” – ein neuer Blick auf die deutsche Besatzung, artikel von Florian Schmitz, 19.12.2015 [in German]
  KLIK Magazine R, "Your story: memories from World War 2", 09.11.2015 [in Greek]
  Art22 "Stories that marked lives", 08.11.2015 [in Greek]
  La Pasion Griega. «TU PROPIA HISTORIA», ARTE Y MEMORIA HISTÓRICA EN TESALÓNICA ", 06.11.2015 [in Spanish]
  Art22 Artemis Alcalay – Konstantina Koumpouli, the passion of memory, 18.06.2015 [in Greek]
  Perfold, Gallery walk - Artemis Alcalay - Unfolding memories, 17.06.2015
  Art22, Two new books with covers by Artemis Alcalay, 01.03.2015 [in Greek]
LIFO, "The last Greek survivors of the Holocaust ", article by A. Georgiou, 06.08.2014 [in Greek]
English translation

(**), "Artemis Alcalay takes her houses on a walk through Athens", article by G. Panagiotou, 16.07.2014 [in Greek]

Kathimerini newspaper, "A study on trauma, memory, and loss", article by N. Vatopoulos, 29.06.2014 [in Greek]
English translation

  La Pasion Griega . "SUPERVIVIENTES GRIEGOS DEL HOLOCAUSTO", 27.01.2014 [in Spanish]
  Athens Voice, "Hope rises in Brazil. Artemis Alcalay "returns to Ithaca"" article by Artemis Alcalay 06.07.2013 [in Greek]
  Art22, Artemis Alcalay: How the story of Destruction and Silence is built, interview by Yiannis Tzimourtas 05.03.2013 [in Greek], ""ArtAlk" Conversation with Eozen Agopian" [in Greek] 2012-2013 "Home: A wandering" 23.10.2012 [in Greek]
  . La Pasion Griega . "Home: A wandering" 26.10.2012 [in Spanish]
  People & Ideas blog, article by Mina Karagianni for the exhibition WAIT - (W)omen (A)rtists and (I)nformation (T)echnology, 09/2012
  . La Pasion Griega .: Artes 2012 [in Spanish]
  artAZGreek Artists' Database
  SoBookOnline, Une expo grecque sur le livre et le numérique, 2011
  Huniford - 1stdibs website, 2011
  Book cover design, 2011 [presented on La Pasion Griega website in Spanish]
  . La Pasion Griega .: Artes 2010 [in Spanish]
  Athens Living Videos, a video interview about Alcalay's exhibition 'Home: an installation' 2010, video.
  Athens Voice, Issue 17/05/2010, PDF, 370 Kb
  Poeticanet, Issue 11 (December 2009), cover image
  Design NOW 2008 [in Greek]
  Photolab "3+omiloun", 2006
Article by Anna Enepekidi in "Tetradia Mouseiologias", Issue 3, 2006, Metaixmio publications
maison+decoration, 2005 [in Greek]


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